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 My top level education in London and Los Angeles and my experience in a variety of Art Department roles allow me to cater to most client's needs. Explore the Gallery to see samples of my work as well as my experience in short films, feature films, music video, commercials and art exhibitions. 

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Feature Films


Starting in 2014, I have worked in a variety of roles in the Art Department in low and medium-budget feature films.​

Collaboration is one of my strengths and I really enjoy assisting senior professionals as a prop master, set dresser, or Art Director.

I recently wrapped my third feature as Production Designer on the movie "Die Like a Man", currently in post-production.

Many of my previous feature projects are now available for streaming on AppleTV, Amazon Prime and the Lifetime Channel.

Music Videos


I had the privilege to help artists such as Ricky Martin, Maluma, and Leo Xia turn their musical talents into compelling visuals.

Music videos are an extremely creative medium and include some of my favorite projects, where color and imagination have a prime role.

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As a Production Designer, I have been involved in a number of commercials, promos, and spots for both Television and the web.​

Some of the brands I have worked for include Amazon, Disney, Del Taco, and more.

I am trained to respect the unique aesthetic of each client and follow a design that helps promote their style and image.

Short Films 


My widest experience are short films. In the last few years I have been designing a variety of short films of any genre and length, most of which competed in film festivals.

I have experience in period, fantasy, noir, realism,  and more; but I am particularly passionate about​ science fiction and futuristic black comedy such as Black Mirror.

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